A newfound freedom to live and prosper.

Freedom is defined as the "quality or state of being free." It is freedom which allows us to make choices that lead to prosperity in life. The Centum20 Choice is a life decision. A decision to break free from the norm, to steer away from the middle of the road and move into the fast lane. A decision to follow the pathways to improved health, increased longevity and to ultimately achieve prosperity. Centum20 has paved the way for thousands to achieve success in life while improving their health and helping others.
This is the Centum20 Choice.
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life changing results : the centum20 Choice


The Centum20 line of healthy living products are designed to improve overall health using science that has delivered proven and sustainable results.
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Centenarians are among the fastest growing semgent of the population, studies reveal many attribute this to a healthy diet low in fat.
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When all things come together and all the planning begins to reveal its outcome, you'll thank yourself for making the Centum20 Choice.
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  • ESSENTIA SPRINKLES: calorie reduction redefined

    There’s never been an easier way to lose weight than Essentia. Just sprinkle it on your food as directed and let Essentia Sprinkles absorb and eliminate up to 30% of the fat in the food you eat. This all natural, highly absorbent soluble fiber will not alter the taste of your food and can be used on breakfast foods, lunches, dinners and snacks, anything you eat.

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  • Take the convenient Essentia Sprinkles packets wherever you go and turn any food you eat into a low-fat meal or snack. Essentia Sprinkles absorb 200 times its weight in water, which gives you a sense of fullness, then eliminates the fat from your system rather than allowing it to be digested. Essentia sprinkles are 0 calorie, 0 cholesterol, 0 fat, vegan friendly, Kosher certified and gluten-free..

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You are now free... ...to ENJOY eating again!

  • It’s Time to Take Control of Your Future

    Ask Yourself what's truly important to you. Maybe you dream about controlling your financial future and never worrying about money again. Maybe its all about self-respect or building a secure future for your family or giving your children the things they need and deserve.

    Imagine creating a substantial income owning your own business, working a few hours a day from home on your computer without carrying inventory, without shipping anything, without paying employees and without answering to anyone but yourself.

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  • Centum20 CHOICE Rewards

    The Centum20 Compensation Plan is one of the most generous in the industry, richly rewarding you for promoting your Centum20 Online Superstore and putting real money in your pocket while you build your business.

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CENTUM20 Choice Rewards are LIMITLESS:

  • Retail Commissions

    Retail Profits

    Earn income when your customers purchase products at retail prices.

    Fast-Start Bonuses

    Fast-Start Bonuses

    Earn income when your business builders refer others that make the Centum20 Choice.

    Revenue Sharing

    Revenue Sharing

    Get your piece of the Centum20 Revenue Pie with generous rewards for performance.

  • Monthly Bonuses


    Earn as your team grows, up to 8 levels paid weekly on new enriollments and unilevel volume.

    Travel Rewards

    Travel Rewards

    Let Centum20 pay for your next trip when you earn one of our many travel incentives.

    Auto Rewards

    Auto Rewards

    Nothing says "I've made it!" like a fine luxury car...Centum20 Choice Rewards gets you there.



    Just sprinkle Essentia on the foods you love and eliminate as much as 30% of the fat content!

    "See Essentia Encapsulate Pure Fat"

    Watch as Essentia Sprinkles encapsulates and absorbs pure fat in this amazing demonstration.

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    Essentia Sprinkles is backed by over 30 important clinical studies.



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